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Free Sugar!

At Pearl’s Center City Park.  June 13, 2013



Welcome to the family baby Max!! My brother’s wife, Donna, just had a beautiful baby boy!


He makes # 7 for my folks, Geraldine and Ronnie Seal. Below is a picture I made of them right before Max was born. Needless to say, my folks are happy with their grandchildren! Please click on the picture so it will enlarge. Notice our famous “tree man” in the back; he decided to photobomb our picture!


Lacey seems so tough…..

 but she really relies on her big sister Lauryn sometimes.  It’s so funny to see her at her vulnerable moments, when all she wants is her “Wahwren.”




3 thoughts on “Family/Friends Forum

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  2. You have no idea how i felt when i read the posting about the 7 grand kids. It’s like all of a sudden it hit me out of the blue that my girls are loved. I know they are, but you guys have just opened up your hearts and lives to them and made them feel so welcome. Maggie has just fallen into place and loves it! Melin asks about going to Mamaw and Papaws all the time and says Lauryn is “her Lauryn”. I love yall so much!

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