Geraldine Seal’s Wonderful Works

My mother is a wonderful artist.  She can paint anything, but her style is very specific to southern art.  Some of her best works are old double-handled tree saws.  I will be posting pictures here and explaining what the works are, as an archive to memorialize all of her work.  She did sale most pieces, so I will post as I get submissions from those who send them.  ENJOY!!!

Geraldine’s Childrens’ stools:

stools1      stools2

Lacey’s stool features Tinkerbell (top).  Lauryn’s character was actually based on what she looked like when she was born (hula girl in center).  The bottom one is mine.  I am an 80’s child, so the original Strawberry Shortcake was featured.  I LOVED Strawberry Shortcake, Fraggle Rock, Fluppy Dogs, and Pound Puppies.  I STILL have my pound puppy Buster.  See how that nostalgia hits you?!  That is how these stools are for kids and their parents.  The kids get them as presents on their 1st birthday, and they use them for EVERYTHING.  Good stuff like brushing teeth and washing hands, to bad stuff like climbing onto furniture and tables to get into anything and everything possible!  But oh the memories all of that creates with your little one, and even they will never forget their stool.  The one on the right was sent to me by my friend Greg Croom.  We went to school together from K5 to graduation, and I haven’t seen him since, but he sent me a picture of his on Facebook.  That is just downright cool.  And so are mom’s stools.

Here are some more!

stools7 stools6 stools5 stools4 stools3


This is my absolute favorite piece.  This saw was several feet tall and the picture does not do this work justice at all, but here it is.  The Bryce Canyon Saw:



2 thoughts on “Geraldine Seal’s Wonderful Works

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  2. Thank you Jenny. I have enjoyed doing them all. I never realized how much the kids would enjoy them. It has been great to see the kids open their presents and love them so much. Lacey knew that it was hers and she climbed on it immediately! I think they have improved some over the years. Now I need more stools before I can paint any more.

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