Refinished and Revamped Furniture


Another hobby of mine is refinishing old wood furniture. I love heavy old wood pieces, they just don’t make ’em like they used to. I get them from yard sales, salvation army, and thrift stores. It’s like I feel like I save them and give them a new life. Ha. It’s just fun and I love before and after pictures of pretty much any thing. So… I will post my before and afters here, and keep in mind, everything has a price. If you are interested in buying one, leave a comment! Heck, leave a comment anyway! Everyone loves a compliment! 🙂


Free dresser from old Masonic home, courtesy of Aby Weaver.

It now serves as Lauryn’s dresser in her dreamy fru-fru damask inspired room. There is a picture of her room on the main page, with dresser included.

dresser1 20130110-131008.jpg


Wow what a difference, huh? and the original drawer pulls really fit in with the fancy damask theme of the room. This one was a keeper!

Free old cabinet, now our “charging station.”

We found this old cabinet. I fixed it up and it sits next to the couch. Since it’s just a cabinet, the back was open. I put it over an outlet, so we can charge our phones, tablet, computer, toys, whatever down there, and keep the clutter away. We used to have our phones charging in the kitchen and I HATED that, because I cannot stand the visible wiring and clutter. This keeps the living room and kitchen free of cords!

chargingstationbefore photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1)


Two night stands from Salvation Army on Nine Mile Road.

This is what I am currently working on. And MAN do I mean WORK. They were pretty beat up but I can save them. When I am done, I will post. These have great bones, and look at those curves! We will most likely be selling these, since we all have night stands and dressers now.

photo 1 photo 2

Ok so pause for a moment on those nightstands…. Here is b and f of the coffee table:



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